Illuminate Your 
Cloud Footprint

Can you recall what websites did you register on with your corporate email address this year? Last year? Or the year before?

Each person has 200 online accounts on average.

Online accounts are created by employees daily for various business needs. Mostly on-demand and in an ad-hoc way. This can result in thousands of unmonitored accounts, creating an enormous amount of risks and compliance issues.

This is what's called Shadow IT.

Shadow IT Audit In
​Three Simple Steps

Set up a Central Management Server on-site, so your information never leaves your premises. It's simple, and even a desktop can manage it. Then, configure the type of data you are interested in. For example, which applications have your employees been using, or if they saved important corporate passwords in their browsers. 

Run a ready-to-use simple script that collects historical data from the browsers based on your configuration. Select a few targeted employees, or entire departments or organizations. Relax, PII data is not collected, except company-related accounts, that are already under your management. And it's still optional.

Your report will be generated within minutes, or hours, depending on the scope of your audit. You have made the first step towards illuminating your cloud footprint! Bravo!

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